Good telephone interaction between frontline staff and customers will be able to improve the customer's image and perception of the organization. The quality of telephone service can be improved through the implementation of the following measures: 


  • Ensure phone calls are answered within no more than 10 seconds
  • Ensure that frontline staff on duty are always friendly, polite and courteous while serving customers
  • Providing accurate, complete and up-to-date information about their respective organizations to the frontline staff on duty enables them to perform their duties efficiently and effectively
  • Ensure customer calls are connected to the correct officer / staff and appropriate to the service requested
  • Inform the customer in advance information such as the name of the officer / staff of the extension number and other relevant information before a call number is connected
  • Ensure that customers who are in line waiting to get service on a busy connection are informed of the customer's status every 20 seconds until their call is answered
  • Ensure customers who have been connected to the desired line but do not answer, are returned to the frontline staff
  • Allow the customer to leave the order when the officer / staff to be contacted is not in the office so that action can be taken to contact the customer again